Terms of Sales/Policy

The company Margaery & Ser No (Norbert Roman, manager, and Marjorie Roman, collaborating  & co-working spouse), has been registered under Siret number 80149095400014 since April 1, 2014 and is the owner of the content of the site www.margaerycuir.com. Its postal address is 8 chemin des Moilles, 38150 Roussillon, France and its email address is margaery72@gmail.com. 

Art 1: -Object The General Conditions of Sale described below define the rights and obligations of Margaery & Ser No and their customers in the context of the sale of goods offered on the site www.margaerycuir.com. Any service by Margaery & Ser No implies unreserved acceptance by the buyer of these general conditions of sale. 

Art 2 - Product presentation and availability 

The products are presented in descriptive ads on the margaerycuir.com site. Except unique pieces for which these ads have contractual value, the responsibility of Margaery & Ser No could not be engaged for possible variations due to the artisanal and manual character of the manufacture of the articles for sale. 

All texts and images presented on the margaerycuir.com site (Margaery & Ser No) are reserved under copyright and intellectual property rights for the whole world. Their reproduction, even partial, without express authorization, is strictly prohibited. 

The products are offered for sale while stocks last. In the event of an order for an unavailable product, Margaery & Ser No reserves the right to propose a reissue with an indicative timeframe of the product or its refund, by email.

Art 3 -Prices of the products 

The prices of the items sold on margaerycuir.com are expressed in euros net of tax, according to article 293 B of the CGI, because not subject to VAT. Margaery & Ser No reserves the right to modify them at any time but the prices displayed when ordering are the only ones applicable. 

Items reproduced on demand or personalized are subject to an increase of 15% of the base price. Custom creations are subject to an estimate. 

Art 4 - Orders 

All orders are considered firm and final. No reimbursement is provided for outside the legal framework of the right of withdrawal in force. In addition, purchases of on-demand or personalized items are totally excluded from any withdrawal (article L212-21-8 of the Consumer Code). 

Art 5 -Modalities of payment 

The payment of orders validates the purchase and is made by PAYPAL, or BANK TRANSFER. All items on demand are to be paid in full when ordering. 

Art 6 - Shipping and delivery costs 

The shipping costs are understood in fixed prices including the processing of the order, the packaging, the shipping and the insurance of the articles via the postal services. They are to be selected by the customer according to his geographical & commercial location and the total amount of the items ordered. In the event of a price error, Margaery & Ser No reserves the right to request an adjustment according to the corresponding scale or to refuse the order and refund it. After taking over by the carrier, Margaery & Ser No cannot be held responsible for any delays or damage, and is the only one entitled to make a complaint to the carrier as the shipper. 

Shipping Costs towards EU
Shipping Costs towards EU
Shipping costs for "outside UE" countries
Shipping costs for "outside UE" countries

Art 7 - Customer relations / After sales service 

For any request, information or complaint, the customer can contact Margaery & Ser No (Norbert and Marjorie Roman) via the contact form on the margaerycuir.com website or the email address mentioned therein. 

Art 8 -Personal data (privacy policy) 

Margaery & Ser No undertakes not to transfer or sell its customer database to third parties. Customer contact details retrieved through margaerycuir.com can only be used to process their orders and / or requests.