Baroque heartshaped book

This leather notebook is inspired by a very poetic medieval / Renaissance fashion (read our article on the subject in the Blog section) 

Open your heart through this booklet which will collect your memories, wishes and inspirations ... 

Made of semi-rigid vegetable-tanned cowhide approximately 2mm thick, with chiseled and embossed pattern of baroque leaf scrolls on a grained ground with a stamp. 

Dyed and waxed brown / gold. Interior laminated with patinated and varnished Korean paper. Back laced in X for the maintenance of the sheets which remain removable and rechargeable. 

Contains 32 pages of white linen / hemp craft paper from the production of Papeterie Pasdeloup in Moutier d'Ahun (23), our exclusive partner. 

Dimensions 21X13cm.

125.00 €