Fairy leather book with carved delicate foliage

Exceptional A5 notebook made by full manual carving of an embossed pattern on vegetable tanned leather (front / back). Over 15 hours of extremely meticulous work using 2 to 4mm wide stamps. 

Dyed and painted with special leather products, including liquid gold (acrylic paint with metallic pigments, see last photo). Varnished finish. 

he inner side of the leather is lined with printed and dyed Korean paper. 

The back is assembled by a manual sewing type "cord", with waxed thread, and laced with golden leather to hold the 40 pages of handcrafted linen / hemp 120 gr paper, produced by our partners at Papeterie Pasdeloup in Moutier Ahun (23). It is therefore rechargeable and / or upgradeable as needed.

Spandrels and clasp in worked gilded brass, restored by us from a parishioner from the end of the 19th century. Unique piece.

Dimensions: H23cmxL16cmxP3cm Discover it in slideshow on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMJhDQyFSxY 

PERFECT prestige gift for major events of life ... 

300.00 €