Medieval fairy tale - Carved leather chess board with pieces

Chess set with a "medieval fairy tale" theme composed of a hand carved leather chess board mounted on a wooden board on feet, and patinated vintage pieces. 

Unique chessboard of vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, approximately 3.5mm thick, sculpted with hand tools according to an original pattern inspired by fairy tale decorations and initial letters adorning old books ... 

Architectural volutes and columns intertwined with red roses. 

Tinte, painted and varnished with special leather products. 

Top in varnished patinated 3-ply woodpine board mounted on fancy metal legs, in "fantastic animal paws" style ...

Height 3.2cm, tray dimensions approximately 44cmX50.7cm without feet.

 Vintage pieces reworked and patinated with gilding and smoked black to highlight the details of the characters and sets. 


550.00 €
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