Viking "Hammer of Thor" Ipad Cover


Cover Case pouch for IPAD or tablet or mini-laptop made manually in vegetable tanned cowhide leather approximately 2.5mm thick, premium quality. Deep cloudy brown stain and varnish. 

Carved pattern of Thor's Hammer (Mjollnir), Viking symbol of the protection of the universe against the forces of Chaos ... 

Golden bronze and silver gray tinted, embellished with matching metal rivets. Cover equipped with a card holder. 

Bronze collar button closure. 

Assembly in cordouan lacing or "double loop" of black buffalo leather, 4mm wide. 

Matching decorative lacing on the flap. 

Saddle stitching with a sticky thread on the other parts. Interior dyed black. Maximum durability. 

Overall exterior size of approximately 28X22cm, designed to accommodate an iPad dimensions 24.28X18.9cm MAXIMUM, or a smaller tablet of course (check carefully before ordering!) 


125.00 € 150.00 €