La Malinche - Art portrait in carved leather

La Malinche (around 1500-1527) was a key historical figure in the conquest of the Mayan and Aztec empires in the 16th century... Translator and intermediary for the conquistador Hernan Cortes, she sealed the destiny of a country which would later take the name of Mexico... 

Torn between 2 cultures, half Meso-American, half Hispanic-American, very controversial, she is sometimes considered as betrayal incarnate, sometimes as the mother of a new people... 

Imaginary portrait in embossed and carved leather (in relief), dyed and painted approximately 21X24cm), mounted on a tinted birch plate covered with openwork leather, total dimensions  23X31cm. 

Small hanging system on the back for wall presentation.

A dozen hours of work.

275.00 €