Hastings 1066 - Medieval style carved leather chessboard + pieces

UNIQUE Chess set that required nearly 50 hours of meticulous handwork without counting numerous graphic and historical researches...

To be discovered on https: //www.youtube.com/watch? V = _erYALyF02s ... 

Made of vegetable tanned cowhide of 3mm thick, on the theme of the Battle of Hastings of October 14, 1066. 

The Duke William of Normandy, named heir to the throne of England by the old "Edward the Confessor", sees himself tamper with the pawn by the Saxon Count Harold who steals the crown from him ... Furious, William builds weapons and ships and invades England in a bloody lightning war that secures the throne of one of the most powerful kingdoms of feudal times. 

Will you rewrite history with this giant 67X67cm chess set mounted on a stained wooden board with ball feet (total height 8cm) ??? 

Patterns taken from the famous "Bayeux tapestry", to stick to history, carved with stamping tools (repoussé), tinted and painted with alcohol and water products. 

Central chessboard of 40X40cm (5cm boxes) adorned with alternating medieval crosses, half tinted with liquid gold (special metallic paint for leather).

 Glued and nailed to its wooden board (8 square nails of copper-colored metal in the direction of the game and 4 decorated circles). 

Resin pieces from the prestigious manufacturer "Anne Carlton Studio" (maximum height approx. 8cm) valued at £ 395! Absolutely UNIQUE. 

Comes with certificate of authenticity.

1,500.00 €