People of the book, illustration, carved leather painting

Painting on carved leather, with a mixture of techniques: embossing (sculpture after chiselling) and painting / dyeing ... 

Made on a "sheet" of vegetable tanned cowhide leather approximately 5mm thick. 

Mosaic-style embossed leather frame.

 In all, more than 60 hours of very technical work. 

This is a Surrealist illustration after Geraldine Brooks's novel called "people of the book", which tells the story of the real "Haggadah of Sarajevo" a Jewish holy book having traveled the world and braved prohibitions and destruction through the centuries, being preserved in turn by Jewish, Christian and Muslim hands ... A lesson of humanity and culture ... (see corresponding article on the blog). 

Total framed dimensions 42X42cm (29.5X29.5cm for the painting only).

Selected for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional competition/exhibition of Ateliers d'Art de France 2020, with mentions of encouragement from the jury at the Luxembourg Art prize 2020. 

Also available in Art print on canvas, 30X30cm, accessible version for modern interiors, ideal as an entrance or office decoration...

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