The Allegory of Prudence, carved painting

Unique carved painting representing the allegory of Prudence, according to the ancient greek mythology, half maid/half old man.

This pattern comes directly from Michel Colombe's statue of marble, ornating a corner of François II and Marguerite of Foix's tomb, which were the last dukes of Brittany, and queen Anne of Brittany's parents...The monument was erected between 1502 and 1507 in St Peter and St Paul's cathedral of Nantes.

Hand carved and dyed in tan and brown colors, with smoky shadows...Varnished.

Dimensions 13X18cm with a papier mâché frame (23X28cm) covered with Korean fiber paper printed with a XIXth century sketch of architectural details coming from a medieval house next to the Cathedral of Nantes...

135.00 €