"The Brontë sisters" Carved leather painting

Personal representation of the famous English authors of the 19th century "The Brontë Sisters". 

Charlotte, Anne and Emily, pastor's daughters raised in the savage austerity of Yorkshire landscapes, in the 1830s / 40s wrote some of the finest novels in British literature ... 

Carved on vegetable tanned cowhide leather approximately 2.8mm thick. Measures approximately 45cmX29cm.

It represents the three women and the bonds of affection that unite them.

They stand out from a trompe l'oeil parchment. 

In the lower corners, traditional acanthus-type leaves open on a writing pen, symbolizing their "meant to be". 

The painting is glued to a frame lined calfskin like a cloudy stormy sky, and held in the corners by knotted leather laces. 

The pine frame is walnut stain and satin varnished, enhanced in the angles of silvery metal scrolls. 

Total dimensions 59cmX39.5cm. 

This representation has been the subject of research to stick as closely as possible to historical reality (physical resemblances, character traits depicted in period texts, contemporary paintings ...) but obviously remains pure fantasy on my part. . 

Technically, the whole required a good forty hours of meticulous work ... 

Quotes from a poem (reversed) by Emily Brontë, engraved on the parchment, above the 3 sisters: "We part below to meet on high, where blissful ages never die. (But long or short though life may be, tis nothing to eternity.)"

 UNIQUE and non-duplicable.

300.00 €