The Time- Parchment on Canvas, Wall Art

This mixed technique painting is called "The time".

With a tendency to a symbolic strand, it is made on a 50X70cm canvas with natural pigments crushed by hand (clay, gravel, prehistoric marine concretions, charcoal) and mixed with acrylic binder, which gives it a mineral and earthy appearance.

Addition of points of liquid gilding. 

The ivy leaves, the only figurative elements, are in real parchment (tanned goatskin retaining only the collagen, unlike the leather which preserves the dermis) cut to the natural shape of the leaves from my garden, tinted with walnut stain and white acrylic. 

Effects of various materials and textures. 

Time leaves its mark in us, on us and on what surrounds us, it is elusive and yet as visible as the sun ... Everything that falls rises again one day, and what dies is transformed and reborn ... 

Sold framed (black american box), with certificate of authenticity. 

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400.00 €